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Identical Twins

Kali got her stitch removed this morning and got a clean bill of health (but she should cool the activity a bit for a week). I used to be able to tell Kali and Kaci apart but with the stitch removed, now they’re identical twins and telling which one is which is very hard.

We’re generous

Someone’s going to get a lump of coal for Christmas next December. We three dogs got together and decided that we’ll share some of our booty with the parrot even though we can’t figure out how Santa got into the cage.  

Shame, shame, shame

The good news is that Kali’s bandage is off. Yes, there’s bad news Our vet changed his name from Dr. Cohen to Dr. Cone.  

Here are the pix

The camera has been found. This elevates the peep perp from Dum-Dum Stupid first class to Dum-Dum Stupid second class (a promotion and a step in the right direction). Since the story was told in the previous post, the pictures will only have a brief summary. Here’s poor Kali’s leg before the vet saw her. […]


First Dum-Dum Stupid misplaced the camera so there aren’t many pictures until we find it again. There was a lot of excitement yesterday. First, we eat breakfast at 8am (by the latest-the Kyla breakfast campaign starts at 7:30). After we finish, Kyla starts the dessert campaign which will not be given until 9:00. Yesterday (Thursday), […]

We have a name!

OK-we’ve been considering a name for our new one You understand we’re in the cowboy and Indian American Southwest where they name babies by what they see when the baby is born. I would have been named “Begging for More”, Kaci would have been “Toy in Mouth” and the new one would have been “Krap […]

What a Day!

Tonight I’m going to send Him 15 miles north of here and steal a license plate off a car: Yes we need that plate from ranchrunamock. It’s run by an admitted Crazy Lady and her hubby, Crabby. They have 13 rescue dogs. Let’s go back to the start of the day. Through the internet, they […]