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I’d wish Kaci a happy birthday but I have a better idea

When we adopted Kaci the papers listed her birthday as February 30, 2012. This got me to thinking. I’m coming up on my 12th birthday and that’s bad. Remember my post: and the food that would never go bad because the expiration date would never come Now look at it from Kaci’s point of […]

For Miss Daisy

Now I know why they named this “Daisy Mountain”. You would have loved to romp on it.   Rest in Peace, Daisy, Queen of Australia.  8 March 2003 – 21 February 2014  

I have to save the world again.

Oh nooo. Look at this: It’s time to put Kyla on the case and break out my tinfoil hat-it worked in December 2012 and I prevented the catastrophe that would have come with the end of the Mayan calendar. Never fear, I’ll save you all. Right now, I’m off to the spa so I […]

Our new Enterprise

Everyone else seems to be opening shops and advertising on the Internet. We thought we could do the same. It’s a security service-much needed these days. We have a tentative name and motto: Why put up with the Keystone Kops when you can hire “The Three Stooges”? Ever vigilant.    

Kali is just like ME!

Kali is a foodie, just like me. Kali looks for leftover food everywhere, including MY bowl, as if I’m gonna leave something. Today the results of her fecal test came back. She has a parasite, but it doesn’t affect dogs or humans and will just go away by itself. It affects bunnies and they say […]

Black and White Kali

Kali has no idea who her parents are or where she was born. I’m pretty certain she has some Scottie in her. She sleeps on peeps’ legs like I do, she does the “Scottie Shuffle”, she’s fearless, and she is always hungry and never refuses food. Look at the patches of white on her feet […]