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It dropped into my lap

There wasn’t a good plan to get Kaci and Kali for April Fool’s Day. This is terrible so I’ll go sulk under the grooming table While I was thinking in vain, Kaci and Kali hopped up to the top of the table. They didn’t realize that I was there when they started talking. Kali said […]

Not THIS year.

My peeps didn’t raise a stupid terrier. There are 2 days to April 1 and I’m not going to be had again-I’m going to do it to the others. In 2013, Kaci got meĀ and in 2012 it was Kenzie. My problem is that I only have 2 days to come up with something and I […]

Kali is going to school

First take a look at this video then look at this I hope they have better luck than I’ve had with Kali. She’s very stubborn (gotta be the Scottie in her) and won’t listen.

What’s happening here?

We live in New River, Arizona. There are no stop lights here and usually no excitement. Last night, we had this A helicopter (usually for medical evacuation purposes) also came and went. This was about 300 yards or meters away from our house and the footage was taken from our roof. We had no idea […]

A visit from Godzilla

HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPP! It’s bigger than a redwood tree.   I’ll chase it away before anyone gets hurt

We have visitors

Bob and Doc are here for their annual visit.   They are Shih Tzus, a Chinese breed. I only know one thing in Chinese and it’s a good joke. At least when They ate at a Chinese restaurant I overheard one waiter say it to the other and the both of them laughed and laughed. […]

You won’t catch me up there.

Here in the Southwest part of the US, a lot of people love hot air ballooning. Occasionally, some get really close to the ground and our house. This was taken a couple of years ago from our house. Most of the time they’re far away in the sunset I don’t do water and I don’t […]

The peeps finally broke down

While Kaci doesn’t have a birthday so she can’t turn 2, the peeps decided to have a spring pawty in her honor. As per our tradition, we all get something. Kali tries to camouflage herself so nobody can bother her-she should camouflage her toy as well I had mine desqueaked before anyone else. Kaci got […]