What’s happening here?

We live in New River, Arizona. There are no stop lights here and usually no excitement. Last night, we had this

A helicopter (usually for medical evacuation purposes) also came and went. This was about 300 yards or meters away from our house and the footage was taken from our roof. We had no idea what was happening but this morning we found out. There was another accident on Circle Mountain Road which is the northern border of our property. We went to the scene.

SAM_1151If you look closely or enlarge the photo, you’ll see a rider on horseback to the left of the road. Since we drive on the right side of the road, the skid marks start on the wrong side. It appears that the driver jammed on the brakes for something (no ABS?) while being where the opposite direction traffic is supposed to be and lost control of the car and left the road. As you can see, the road couldn’t be straighter and the speed limit is 45mph (around 70kph). There’s no excuse.


Here are the skid marks from the other direction


There was an auto part still there.

SAM_1154Oh no-right over a Palo Verde tree, into the fence and a crash landing at one of our neighbors. We still don’t know the details. What’s going on here?

On the same road in January, a car lost control and a 26 year old woman was killed in a single-car accident.

About 8 years ago, very close to our house, a 14 year old girl and a 16 year old boy were killed when the ATV the girl was driving went straight through a stop sign and got creamed by a truck. The helicopter landed almost in our back yard. What were they doing at almost midnight on a Saturday night? I’d say there was something in the water but we’re all on well water here.

As an animal I think that the rider on horseback in the first photo has the right idea. Drive something that’s smarter than you are.




About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

34 comments on “What’s happening here?

  1. In that first picture we didn’t see anything wrong….it was the right….proper side of the road for us. BOL! Does seem like a stretch of road that wouldn’t cause problesms. Unless your Komodo Dragon got on the road and they were trying to avoid it.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  2. May be they saw the Mother Ship coming in for a landing.
    Just saying.

  3. Yep I agree with Bentley out in the boonies where you live it had to be aliens or the Mother Ship. Now here where I live it is an every day occurrence. Why the lead story on the news was a car going off the road and hitting a house. We cannot drive anywhere where we don’t see car pieces in intersections.
    Sweet William The Scot

    • Maybe you should go up to the road at night and see up close what is happening.

    • Hey, I could open kylasautopartscheapcheapcheap.com and you could be my supplier. We just couldn’t take special orders-all we have to sell is what’s in inventory but the price is really right.

      • Inventory, why I probably could get you any cracked up thing you wanted. Beechmont and Five Mile has the highest traffic accidents in the state and it sit practically in my back yard.

        • A real money making idea. Steampunk art work is big now. You could make a lot of items from bent car parts for mega bucks.

          • You’re right-who says that auto parts should be confined to autos? Look at the advertising. A Cadillac bumper custom bent by a Mercedes-unique.

  4. We thought that this was going to be a UFO story. People have to pay attention to what they are doing. Might there be a cell phone as the cause??

    • It still could be There’s no word on the internet and it was too late to make the paper. Maybe someone was using their personal communicator to summon aliens? Beam me up, Scotties.

  5. We thought that we left a comment, but we do not see it. Mom thought that this was a UFO story from the firstpicture.

  6. So you live in a one horse town with no stop lights, isn’t there a country song about that.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Wows, that is scary. Maybe they fell asleep at the wheel or something ~ Ma just hopes it’s not DUI, cause that would really piss her off (and you don’t want to see her pissed off…trust me!!! BOL)
    I thinks it’s time to put on your hard hat…or tin foil hat if it is indeed aliens…
    Ruby ♥

    • We’ll find out-no clues yet. I hate getting stopped at red lights. I pass some of the time watching people who are turning left with the green arrow to the road I’m on but to the opposite direction. Most of them are on the cell phone. Grrrrr.

  8. I feel your pain Kyla. You live where people can’t slow down. Tis one of the reasons whenever we’re up on your side of the mountain, we make sure to get back home before it gets dark. Nearly gotten killed a couple of times headed south on New River Rd.

    We live where people are blind to motorcycles. Been here 18 years and there have been at least as many motorcycle fatalities on CF HWY, 2 at our intersection!

    As far as the kids on the ATV’s at midnight… that’s universal out here. We get the bonfires and beer parties. The kids don’t walk to these little raves, they drive something. Where the heck are their parents!!!! MCSO’s stance on the matter is, “That’s what kids do”, so they certainly won’t get involved!

  9. Were all 3 of you up on the roof? What did the peeps think about that? Ours go ballistic when Sam gets on the table, don’t even want to think what they’d do if we got on the roof.

    Sadly car accidents are a common occurrence where we live. There is a particular set of traffic lights near to us that get taken out at least 2 – 3 times a month, it is ridiculous.

    Wally & Sammy

    • Since Kismet was allowed to fly to the roof, the three of us put our paws down and demanded equal treatment. We were granted equal access but smart peeps would have said “OK, you can be like Kismet. If you can fly up there you have our permission”.

  10. Oh my Dog we thought you were gonna say you saw Aliens. We have a large wide straight road. More accidents happen on it than anywhere. It’s Crazy.. xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. Kyla I agree with you, even the scene looks awful. Please be careful and maybe it’s better to stay at home for saturday night. And I thought french people in a car are dangerous….

    • We were home. This happened very close to us. We have a block fence just like that one. You can get into trouble just staying at home-especially you!!

      • I hope your fence helps a little to protect you.I know, even to stay at home can be dangerous. We had a small truck on our wall once. He fortunately killed only our rain water downpipe.

  12. WOW. I don’t get it. Straight road. No traffic. What gives? Glad you guys are OK.

  13. Probably Aliens had something to do with the tire tracks!

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