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I got tricked

I’m usually the dupe around here on April 1 and I already got my annual embarrassment already this month. This morning He called me to take a ride in the Scottiemobile. OK, it’s been 25 days since my last once every 25 days shot and there’s nothing like a ride in my Scottiemobile in the […]

The Kalicopter

All of us have different personalities. My thing is food. Kaci’s is toys and she frequently walks around with a toy in her mouth. Sometimes she goes outside with a toy in her mouth and leaves it while she does her business. If she forgets, one of Them will tell her to bring the toy […]

Phi Beta Kali

Earlier this month, Kali took private lessons in rattlesnake avoidance class. Today was the final exam. First there was a camouflaged cage that contained a rattlesnake. We walked Kali toward the cage and in the proper distance, she balked and wanted to go the other way. Even though she had the shock collar on, there […]

Can I hear you now? No.

Have you noticed that people are talking much softer? I used to be able to hear the sound of the closet door that contained my dinner-and I’d be right in. Now, I can’t even hear DINNER being yelled. They have hand signals for me and I know the come on for dinner. I can barely […]

The Easter Creature visited

Here it was-outside this fine Easter morning. Don’t forget, they lay eggs too. A visit from the Easter snake. Don’t worry, it’s just a gopher snake-would the Easter snake hurt anybody?

Now I know

Kaci here. I heard Kyla apparently talking to herself. I was napping under the grooming table and Kyla got on the table and started talking. That’s not like her-sometimes she makes no sense but she never talks to herself. I tried to listen in but first I took a peek outside. Kyla: I’m here as […]

And you thought green beans were just a running joke

And we’re looking for more when they’re gone. Kali and Kaci know better than to try for MY green beans. Every morning at 9 we get this dessert after breakfast.

Kali passed the Class

This morning, Kali went to rattlesnake avoidance school. It was a private (no other dogs) lesson. There were two cages containing Western Diamondback rattlesnakes. The instructor put a shock collar on Kali and put her near a cage. . Kali has no fear but she received one shock. I didn’t raise a dumb terrier-all it […]

It’s nappy time

I think it’s nappy time I do, too. Hey me, too!