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Update-and it’s good news.

We went to the vet. The vet techs  took off the bandage and the vet said he couldn’t be happier about my progress.  Since the weekend was coming up, he advised that the stitches don’t come out until Monday to insure complete healing and I have a smaller bandage on until then (the office isn’t […]

Back from the vet

We went to the vet this morning. While waiting (there were 2 emergency cases today), we barked at a very nice lady. Her car, front and back: Hmmmm, does that remind you of anyone we know? Since they both claim to be the “crazy lady”, it isn’t safe here with two of them on the […]

I’m much better

I’ve had a lot of time to think while I recuperate. Here’s my foot I want to thank Ruby for her suggestion to use Glad Press n Seal instead of plastic wrap and some sort of tape to protect my foot from getting wet when I piddle. It takes a LOT less time to put on […]

I’m doing a lot of sleeping

I’m sleeping a lot. I got to drink water, go outside and piddle and YES, I got green beans to go with a bit of kibble and pain meds in wet food. I’m trying to hide my bandaged foot, but you can see the white. I got back in my crate and crashed. Thanks for […]

I’m home!

They rescued me. This was the second time, the first was over 11 years ago. I’m home and there will be no pictures (I’m a mess and a lady can’t be seen this way-you girls will know what I mean). The amputation was a success and my toe is going to the pathologist to see […]

Time to smell the flowers.

Tomorrow is my toe amputation. I’ll report on it when I’m home and whatever they give me wears off. Today, it is time to smell the flowers and appreciate life. This is an Argentine Giant cactus and you can see why it is called a giant. That flower is immense for the plant size.   […]

Kaci passed!

Since Kali arrived, shy Kaci has been her partner in crime. The youngsters hunt together and put their noses under every bush and plant. We sent Kaci to rattlesnake training and we’re happy to report she passed her final exam. We’d hate to lose her.

The verdict is in

This morning we went to the vet’s office I was eager to go in-the suspense was too much and I know where the vet has every treat jar. Of course, I had to go on the table and get my vitals checked out by the vet tech. Now I have to wait for the Doc. […]

I can’t miss now

Look at what I received in the mail today: I wonderful note and a Scottie bandana! All the way from England. I fear the worst but I’ll wear it to the vet’s on Monday. At least I’ll be dressed in style. Thanks Mollie.


I don’t know. My peep wanted the specialist to look at my X-rays (see last post). Today we got the results. They’re confusing (that’s why they’re called experts and experts can never be wrong). It appears that if the antibiotics I’m on don’t work, it’s a toe amputation, probably a week from Monday. I’m just […]