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Back from the Vet

I went to see the vet this morning. He said the antibiotics didn’t appear to be working.  What we needed to do was to take an x-ray. One??? How about three? The first one is a top view. The next two are also of the same hind paw but a left and right view. There […]

Phoenicopteris Ruber Plasticus

I can’t believe what They did to MY back yard. I’m going to take a break from the health thing (I go to the vet tomorrow) to show Their stupidity. It is soooooo bad, I can’t even bear to look at it. Phoenicopteris Ruber is the scientific name for the Flamingo of the Carribean. Phoenicopteris Ruber Plasticus […]

Quick Updates

Kali-she had diarrhea (not the English spelling, I know) about 2 in the morning on Friday. When morning came, she was fine. She was great all Friday and this morning (Saturday), she did Kalicopters and was allowed to run free with Kaci and chase lizards.   Me-I go into the vet on Monday morning to […]


Update to the update-  Kali was worse so we took her back to the vet early afternoon. He x-rayed for something stuck in her gut but found nothing unusual. He gave her a nausea shot because she vomited for the first time. We just brought her back and she’s better and drank water for the […]