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Wordless Wednesday

Thank you for your thoughts-I appreciate them

I can’t get mad at Kaci for letting my age and birthday be public. She’s a good (if immature) soul and I’m starting to mellow about the subject. ¬†One of His ancestors was born before the Wright brothers flew their airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. She was defensive about her age until she was […]


She doesn’t want anyone to know and don’t tell her I ratted on her. Kyla turns 12 today (July 25th here but the 26th in most of the world) and she’s the oldest living Scottie in Blogville. She doesn’t want to be known for being old, just for being herself. I wish I could have […]

Sobbing Sunday


Tempus non forgetit

10 Years ago…..   The yellow one The white one The Black one   But NOW….. The Blue one The White one The Black one And can you believe it, “THE GREY ONE” ???    

Kaci’s tongue

Most of the time Kaci has her tongue hanging out of her mouth a bit. She does it when she walks around. She does it when she’s awake. She does it when she sleeps. She probably does it when she eats but I don’t investigate that because I’m too busy eating myself-we get fed together. […]