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Global Confusion

After our flood earlier this month, some of the vegetation thinks we were washed into the Southern Hemisphere. Stuff that should be happening in spring is happening now: Here’s a lime tree with new growth, buds, and flowers. This usually happens in the spring in late February and March. At this time of year, the […]

No Doggy Door at Night for a while

UPDATE Number 1: Our mixed up friend, Heather Carter, won yesterday. She got about 38% and her 2 opponents got 31% each. She runs in the final in early November. There may be more updates to come.   The latest I’ve heard is that Carter will win and Carter won’t win. For those interested, Ducey […]

It’s Silly Season

It’s primary election day tomorrow in Arizona and it’s been silly season for a while. My very first post on this blog was about the incessant political phone calls. These have not only continued, they’ve increased. Another bad thing is the landscape. These litter the landscape and are supposed to be removed a week after […]

Another sad report

Today, my friend Jazzi from Illinois crossed to the last taco stand. She was only 8½ and   I certainly didn’t expect it. When I couldn’t find a roll of special Scottie duck tape to use for my Scottiemobile licence plate mailing, Jazzi just sent me a roll. What a friend.  I’m shocked because it […]

Not again.

Yesterday we went to the dogtor. I wasn’t scheduled to go but I was licking my front right paw a lot and They tried to put a bootie on it.  Normally my attitude about this is a laid-back “whatever” because I know I’m getting a yummy after it’s over. Then They hit a really tender […]

We’re OK

Unlike some unfortunates on the other side of town (see the videos in the links in yesterday’s post if you haven’t already), we suffered no real damage. The house across the road and two doors down suffered a collapse of a section of their block fence. Nobody was hurt and the horse was removed OK-you […]

Was that Noah’s ark that just floated by?

UPDATE: TV reports that New River got over 5 inches (13cm) of rain in five hours at one point. It’s still raining on and off. The flooding has washed away a van. There’s a woman getting rescued by helicopter from her home. We’re OK because we have Kali who drinks water like a fish. […]

I’m keeping a low profile

I’m lying low, trying not to be seen. Why? I saw the green can,. That can is meant for me. I’ve been licking my foot. When They see that, the green can appears. It’s made for cow udders but They put it on my paw pad before They put the bootie on. I’m hoping that […]

Wordless Wednesday

Kharma’s back!

It’s monsoon season and we’ve had a little rain. We have our visitor, Kharma, who makes her annual appearance. We took her out of the pool and left her in the bird bath. Soon she was in neither and gone again. We don’t know if it’s the rain that brings her out or she wants […]