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Kenzie kept his promise.

Two years ago yesterday, I lost Kenzie.  Kenzie and I made a pact. The first one to go would attempt to come back and tell the other what it’s like. Last night, the spirit of Kenzie woke me up. At least I think it was the spirit, Kenzie was so white that he looked like […]

The news is in

The v*t called with the results. It’s not what I hoped for.  The sample taken from my leg contained melanoma. This means that it has spread and there’s no sense removing the lymph node in my leg-it wouldn’t matter.  They decided not to put me through chemo or radiation. He knew a man who underwent […]

Today’s trip to the v*t!rnar%an.

Full disclosure-the really bad words have been masked because there are puppies who read this (like Dui) and I had to tone down some of the curse words to make it acceptable for all audiences. Today I was loaded into the Scottiemobile and we went off to the v*t. First I had a quick exam […]

Do me a favor

  My boyfriend, Stuart, has to suffer through a biopsy today (Tuesday) and then wait for the results. I know the feeling and, of course, I’m concerned. He could use some POTP that he gets a clean bill of health. I’m sending him my POTP, but I need reinforcements on this one.  

Body piercing-Kyla style

Karma, why didn’t you tell me

that you were pregnant? Now we have little Karmas like this hopping around.

Only in commercials-this NEVER happens to me

The peeps always have a stupid excuse like “that’s NOT low fat”.

Just returned from the Dogtor.

We returned with great news. Remember the x-ray from a couple of weeks ago…. Today it was announced that Apple’s iCloud was hacked and the hackers got naked selfie pictures of celebrities. Why go to all that trouble when I provide that for no work at all-just take the above and you’ll have the best […]