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Scary stuff on Halloween

Look at what we found in the back yard A snake (who remains unseen and hiding) moulted and shed his/her skin. That means it is still growing. Scary stuff for Halloween.

Sick Vick update

Old timers to my blog will remember about Sick Vick. If you want to refresh your memory see this. I don’t expect everyone to be up on American football but this isn’t a football story. If you don’t know, do a search on Michael Vick and dogs. I’m not going to repeat it here, but […]

Thanks to Everyone!

Kyla is a little broken up about all the concern, support and celebration today. She wants to thank Mollie for starting it and… What’s that, Kyla? Oh, you’ve got it together now. You want to thank everyone yourself and in you own words? Have at it.  

Prepping Continues

I told you we weren’t finished. This time it only took us 87 minutes to Pope-ify the rear end. Before: After:   Then we had to train Kyla on how to ride in it and look Papal. What’s that Kyla? We only have time for one question. Oh, that. Don’t worry-we’ve thought about everything. Kali […]

Prepping for next week

Kali and I thought that we’d help Kyla get ready for next week.  She needs to be set for the big parade. This was a big job for us but we got it done. BEFORE: After SIX hours of hard work by the two of us. It was hard work but I think Kyla will […]

Gotcha Day (plus one)

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the day Kaci came home to stay. It’s really today because there’s still 90 minutes of October 13 left to go in this time zone.. Here are the pictures from the rescue web site that made us fall in love with her and go to California to bring her […]


This is always good for laughs. It’s Kali’s first October here and my 12th and Kaci’s third. This guy comes out every October and is good for a howl.

Example #878787 of why dogs are smarter than peeps.

The point of this video is that those of us who love animals still have a big education effort left to do.

Delivery Time

The delivery man in the brown truck came today-we were expecting a package. The expected package contained an internet order and was extremely disappointing. Out of 14 items orders, it contained only one of them and 13 were on back order. I didn’t know I was ordering from squirrels. The other was completely unexpected-outta the […]

There’s an app for that

This is going to be great. It’s not ready yet, but we’re testing it out. Yes, you’ll be able to get tacos on your cell phone next year. It should be ready by next Taco Day on October 4 because it is supposed to be available to the general public on April 1. Jazzi would […]