Taco Day-2014

Before I report about 2014, I have to mention Taco Day 2012. It was exactly two years ago today and we thought Kenzie was rallying but he took a turn for the worse and the next day he was gone.


At least we got to share taco day together. We also have a video from that day for those who haven’t seen it (it’s worth a repeat).

Now for 2014! Our tacos are different because they have to be extremely low-fat because of my pancreatitis. The others have to have low fat also. Here’s how to make them: Take some romaine lettuce, put in some low fat (for me) dog food and add some green beans



And now for the cheese (low-fat pumpkin)


Since all of us want more than this, we took turns to avoid theft and altercations. First ME-YAAAY


All gone-Kaci’s turn


And finally Kali


What was the fourth taco for? Certainly not for Kismet. It was for Kenzie and Jazzi in the hope that they’d come for their taco.


Well, no action. If I started eating it, hopefully one of them would come to stop me from eating what was theirs.



Unfortunately it didn’t work. Kenzie and Jazzi-you missed a good one and we miss you both.

There’s nothing left-not even a scrap of lettuce. Now it’s time to get ready for my golf date with Stuart.


Oh noooooooo


Kali is trying to horn in on my date with Stuart. No way, Kali. Get lost. What happens on the date is between Stuart and me and none of anyone else’s business. I do know that Stuart is planning on a hole-in-one.




About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

46 comments on “Taco Day-2014

  1. oh what’s with the lonesome bean on the floor from Kaci’s taco? can I rescue the poor bean?that was nice that you had a taco too for Kenzie and Jazzi… and it was nice that you ate it…. when a taco has to wait too long it is not really tasty…

    • Nope, there were no beans left. What you see is probably a hole in the travertine floor which is natural stone. The holes have fill in them. You’re right about old, stale tacos and we weren’t going to let the tacos go to waste.

  2. THOSE are the most HEALTHY Tacos we have EVER seen… We are GREAT Green Bean Fans here on the hill.
    We are THRILLED that you got Tacos Today…

  3. The two tacos for Kenzie and Jazzi…so very precious…They wouldn’t have wanted them to go to waist either!!!! Great video…Glad you had such a great Taco a Day!!!!

  4. Bittersweet I tell you, bittersweet.

    Have a woof woof day Kyla. My best to your mom. 🙂

  5. Wow… dat is da healthest taco dat I ever saw. It looks soooooooooo yummy wiff lettuce and green beans. Yummmm.
    I can’t wait to read all about your date wiff Stuart. Four……..

  6. Our tacos were kinda healthy too, no lettuce though
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  7. Yikes healthy OMD no way over here as we don’t do green but sure hope you enjoy. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. OMD, what FABulous tacos gurl!! I likes that, Ma is kickin’ herself in the arse that she didn’t thinks of these instead of the ones she let me eat!!
    I LOVED the video! I don’t know if I ever saw that one, butts I sure loved the barkin’ and the peein’!! He was one cute dude
    Nows…about this date!!! You don’t do anythings I wouldn’t do!!! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  9. You should ask your humans to try kale or cabbage in place of the lettuce. No self respecting Run A Muck Ranch dog would eat lettuce. Kale or cabbage though… they’ll eat them without the taco filling!

  10. Un taco sin cerveza es como un día sin sol.

  11. Those were some healthy tacos and they looked delicious!! Thanks for joining in and have fun with your guy Stuart!!


  12. Those wuz some real healthy tacos!

    Loved seein da video of you and Kenzie, it was so cute.

  13. So you finally ate the romaine. I did good, we just got home and Lee put the two grocery bags on the floor as usual and went to hang up her coat (it is cold in Cincinnati today) and I did something I have never done. Lee had picked up a pre made sandwich because she is really tired and did not want to fix something. Well I ate the whole thing it had turkey and ham and swiss and tomatoes and pickle and lettuce on olive rosemary bread.. I ate the whole thing. We had a blessing of the animals service at 2 and at 5. Tomorrow at 12 and 5. Lee and her friend play. I told them all about you Kyla. They even put holy water on your card.
    Sweet William The Scot

    • I love romaine. OOOH, olive rosemary bread-good score. Of course you got your tacos on top of that. Hopefully the holy water works. Did you tell them that the Blogville Pope needs Power of the H2O?

  14. I finally got the kids to take their Confortis. I made a whipped cream cheese(a drop) and a tiny piece of lox wrapped around the pill. it worked. I don’t think that your taco would have been acceptable. I’ve tried pumpkin and green beans and they don’t like them. I have never had a Scottie that liked peanut butter. We are glad that you were able to celebrate the lives of Kenzie and Jazzi. RIP sweet pups.

  15. Those are creative tacos. Taco Day can be for EVERYONE!

    We forgot that it was a bitter/sweet occasion for you. We remember when Kenzie had to go to the Bridge. We’re sure he was watchin’ you.

  16. Your Green Beans are Safe, cause we didn’t have any. Happy Jazzi Taco Day Sweetie…..now about that date…hummmmmmmmmmmm!

    The Mad Scots

  17. A most perfect tribute to Angel Kenzie and Angel Jazzi who I know were enjoying tacos with all their great friends who are waiting for us….

  18. Dose wuz some yummy lookin’ tacos– and what a cute video! I knows too well whut it are like to miss a pal….I wish I would quit bein’ reminded by it happenin’ agin wiff Maurice. Sending ya hugs and power of da paw, Kyla…

    And duz ya need me to bite old Pankry Atitis on da fanny fur ya? Just point him out and I’ll take care of him!

  19. This is the best tribute to two wonderful dogs.

  20. Kenzie and Jazzi would have been very proud! Nice tacos there!

  21. BOL! Those tacos look yummy! Mom should learn to make us healthy tacos too! Love Kenzie and Jazzi’s taco, that was so thoughtful. Hope you had fun on your date with Stuart!
    Mazie and the Puffs

  22. I’m glad you have a bite or two before your date… it’s always awkward when your stomach starts growling. 😉

  23. Kyla you are Too funny! i heard you can’t have Mexican food due to your gassiness lol 🙂

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