Prepping for next week

Kali and I thought that we’d help Kyla get ready for next week.  She needs to be set for the big parade. This was a big job for us but we got it done.



After SIX hours of hard work by the two of us.


It was hard work but I think Kyla will appreciate it.

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I'm a rescue Chihuahua-West Highland White terrier mix in New River, AZ

52 comments on “Prepping for next week

  1. That WAS a LOT of work fur SURE… WHEW… Hope you got a NAP and a SNACK afterwards… We are SURE POPE Kyla appreciates your ATTENTION to DETAIL and stuffs…

  2. Yes, she will appreciate it. It will be grand fun too.

    Have a woof woof day. 🙂

  3. When does the secret service detail arrive?

  4. Now does the Pope Mobile have a glass top in case of rain???
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. I’m impressed by the attention to detail!

  6. 6 hours work–bwahaahaa! But we hasten to say it looks great.

  7. Good use of the duct tape.

  8. You guys are just too good to her.

    Aroo to you,

  9. Pawsum plate fer Kyla 😉
    Yerz Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum.

  10. Well done!!! I am mighty impressed with all your hard work. I thinks you deserve a couple of (non alcoholic..ewwww) margaritas!!
    And some Goo-Gone for your furs!
    Ruby ♥

  11. Well done girls! We can’t wait to see Kyla in the Scottie/Pope Mobile! Try ice cubes to get the tape off…we can assure you it works.

    Braeden, Seth and puppy Riley

  12. Nice one we say. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. what a super idea! I’m sure all people will wave at you when you drive along! I still have the plate in my car, hope once we meet a scottie who needs a free ride :o) btw: Kyla, can I please swipe a pic of your blog for the bean event? I swear you haven’t to wear a bean-costume (or a pea suit) :o)

  14. AAHHH now we seez Kyla!! Bery clever idea!!!
    We submitted our piccie to Miss oam fer da cayburr toss….we hopez ya haz a pawsum Gamez!
    Yerz Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too

  15. Soww ’bout me spellin Kyla..
    Miss Pam iz doin da cayburr toss picciez so me sent me fachall pic to her so me can pawticipate in da event. Me iz allmost 14 yeerz old n not shure how well me will do; but fer a beeuteeful Scottish poochie like ya, me iz willin to try me bestest 😉
    Yerz Nylablue
    Pee ess: Me haz IBD (Bowel disease) n seckondary Pancreatitis n FHV (Herpes Virus) so me understandz ’bout health probz! we 4 leggedz gotta stick together! ❤

  16. Gosh that looks like it was such a job. Whee hope you’re getting time off to recover!


  17. Preparations always take time. But it’ll be worth it! Kyla is lucky to have you guys to help! Hey. I’m looking at my very own license plate with my love’s picture on it right now.

  18. You braved working with sticky stuff???? WOW we are impressed! Hope you got lots of napping in afterward! You guys did a great job!
    Marty and the Gang

  19. Yow we say Kenzie n we iz so sowwy fer yer loss…what a darlin poochie!
    Me started out wif Chronick Cystitis n Pperidontel Disease. Me had all me teefiez out n Aunti-bye-otickz n da Peridontel went away…took 3 yeerz to clear da Cystitis butt it veecame INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE what iz pawfull…den me got Pancreatitis…me allmost died 3 timez. Bin gettin bettur fer da past 6 monthz n today me found out me haz Cystitis again 😦
    So Mum iz wurried…
    Me iz gonna bee at da cayburr toss no mattur what Kyla; purromise!
    Nylablue =^,,^=

  20. You guys are the best!!
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  21. You two are clearly the crafters in the family?
    Wally & Sammy

  22. Just fer ya Kyla; just fer ya!!! Pancreatitis iz pawfull…
    Me haz Cystitis now butt me iz gonna toss dat cayburr fer ya ’cause yer so strong n brave n me wantz to bee just like ya!
    Sinseerlee ❤ Nylablue ❤

  23. don;t you like the scottie mobile anymore?

  24. Phankz Kyla…me will be carefull…purromise!
    Yerz, Nylablue ❤

  25. It really was a lot of hard work, but it’s most perfect!!

    Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!!

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