Sick Vick update

Old timers to my blog will remember about Sick Vick. If you want to refresh your memory see this. I don’t expect everyone to be up on American football but this isn’t a football story. If you don’t know, do a search on Michael Vick and dogs. I’m not going to repeat it here, but it is sick.

Last Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles came back to Arizona to play a game. He was there working and I gave Him a mission. See what’s happening with the Philadelphia fan base.  If you looked at the link provided above, there were a lot of Philadelphia fans who were wearing Vick jerseys. This is the report from now, 2 years later.

There were a lot of Philadelphia jerseys. Most were of quarterbacks, the most glamorous position in football and the position Vick play. Some jerseys were quarterbacks that no longer play football-Randall Cunningham played 20 years ago and there were a couple Cunningham jerseys.

SAM_1552 SAM_1550

Nick Foles is the current quarterback and Donovan McNabb retired a few years ago. He was feeling good until He spotted one idiot


But only one is a big improvement. Does this mean that Philadelphia, “the city of brotherly love”, suddenly lives up to its name? Probably not. Sick Vick is playing for the Jets out of New York City this year and the Jets aren’t scheduled to play a game in Arizona until 2016.


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30 comments on “Sick Vick update

  1. I have just looked up Michael Vick and I am just speechless and sickened by it. I honestly don’t understand how anyone with a heart or an ounce of self respect or human decency could wear that jersey or look up to him



  3. I remember sick Vick and I remember your post, as you dad wore a scottie-shirt, right? I’m glad there is only one doofus with a sick-shit.
    but you’re right it’s probably not because all people show their backbones :o(

  4. Oh we definitely remember that idiot……one of the most hideous stories to come out in YEARS about animal abuse. Those who idolize him either are too young to remember what he did OR the type of people who don’t care about animals either……in any case, he doesn’t deserve fans PERIOD and we’re surprised he has them.

    Hugs, Sammy

  5. Did I ever tell you that my blog post about Sick Vick received nearly the most views and FB shares EVER in my five years of blogging? Really.

    Remember when Vick said he’d changed and wanted his child to get a puppy? And the Humane Society of the United States’ president backed him up and said he’d changed and that “he would do a good job” as a pet owner and wrote a letter to the New York Times about it???

    And remember how people got really mad about the public outcry calling it racist and bigoted? Saying things like, “it was just dogs…it’s not like he’s a murderer or anything!”

    I’d like to see those people on the receiving end of exactly the same kind of Vick’s and his friends’ dog abuse.

    He belongs in a crate. On top of someone’s car. On a road trip that never ends.

  6. I’m not a NFL fan nor a Vick fan. It’s not that I don’t like football just not professional, children look up to the players as role models and the NFL merely slaps them on the wrist when they commit criminal acts. Personally I feel their football career should be over.

    Aroo to you,

  7. We don’t follow but remember the story somewhere and surprised he is still around. Grrr. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. It’s part of the ‘if your a sportsman, all is forgiven.’

  9. Michael Vick is low-life pond scum… and that is insulting to pond scum.

  10. I wasn’t a follower of your blog at the time you posted about Michael Vick–I’ll go and read the post after commenting. But I totally agree with you. If he’d not gotten caught, I’m sure he’d still be participating in dog-fights. In my opinion, he doesn’t deserve the title of human for what he did. The only good is that some of those dogs were lucky and have found a good life, safety and peace and know what it’s like to be loved. However, it’s just so incredibly heartbreaking that many more didn’t at his hands.

  11. It is amazing that people might have forgotten the horrible things that Michael Vick did to his poor dogs. There is a special place in hell for those that mistreat dogs and children.

    • We dogs haven’t forgotten. Since Vick wasn’t going to be there in person, there was no sense for Him to wear His “Scotties Rule” shirt. He wore that 2 years ago.

  12. We remember reading about this guy on your blog when we first joined Blogville. Karma is an arooootiful thing…we are sitting back and being patient…his turn will come.
    Wally & Sammy

  13. GGGRRRRRRR **slazhez da air wif open clawz** Kyla me HATEZ ‘sick Vick’ n we will NOT watch a Football game what he iz in on TV!! WE do NOT support diz purrson at all…he shuud have bin banned frum NFL fer life we finkz!!!
    Da onlee guud fing iz dat many of da poochiez resckued a few yeerz ago are thrivin in lubbin guud homez now….
    Lub ya Kyla, Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0

  14. He should have been BANNED for LIFE!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!! We DON’T for get either Kyla!

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