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Example #878787 of why dogs are smarter than peeps.

The point of this video is that those of us who love animals still have a big education effort left to do.

Delivery Time

The delivery man in the brown truck came today-we were expecting a package. The expected package contained an internet order and was extremely disappointing. Out of 14 items orders, it contained only one of them and 13 were on back order. I didn’t know I was ordering from squirrels. The other was completely unexpected-outta the […]

There’s an app for that

This is going to be great. It’s not ready yet, but we’re testing it out. Yes, you’ll be able to get tacos on your cell phone next year. It should be ready by next Taco Day on October 4 because it is supposed to be available to the general public on April 1. Jazzi would […]

It’s been 2 years

Two years ago today, we lost Kenzie. He’s still in our hearts. Kenzie loved the pool. If the peeps had guests, that little ham would play to the audience. He’d go down to the first step and then push off. He’d take a lap around the pool with his white tail sticking up. All the […]

Taco Day-2014

Before I report about 2014, I have to mention Taco Day 2012. It was exactly two years ago today and we thought Kenzie was rallying but he took a turn for the worse and the next day he was gone. At least we got to share taco day together. We also have a video from […]