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Thankful Thanksgiving Thursday.

I’m joining in the Thankful Thanksgiving posts on Blogville because I want to. I really have a lot for which to be thankful. I’m thankful for my peeps who took me in when I needed it, loved me and made my life great. I had a much better life than would have been expected from […]

2 Off of My Bucket List

Those of you who know me for a while, know I don’t like bodies of water. Water is for drinking, period. It belongs in a small bowl. I don’t like oceans, ponds, lakes, rivers, pools or even puddles. When the ground is damp outside, I don’t go there but I create an indoor puddle. The […]

The latest from Sweet William the Scot

Here’s the latest from SWTS (Sugar Billy)—- SWTS went to see Lee today.  He did not want to get out of his crate at my home and I had to pull him out of my car.  Everything changed when he saw Lee.  SWTS was all wiggle worm.  He just kept rubbing on Lee all over.  Lee […]

I had a dream

I had a wonderful dream last night. Let me tell you about it.

Update about Lee and Sweet William

Janet, who is taking care of Lee’s place and Sweet William (above) updates us: Lee was in Christ Hospital eleven days.  She was moved to Rehab last Friday. Thirty days approved as of now. Lee went down suddenly, she was mowing her grass that morning.  911 took her to the hospital. First they thought stroke […]