Update about Lee and Sweet William

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Janet, who is taking care of Lee’s place and Sweet William (above) updates us:

Lee was in Christ Hospital eleven days.  She was moved to Rehab last Friday. Thirty days approved as of now.
Lee went down suddenly, she was mowing her grass that morning.  911 took her to the hospital. First they thought stroke or brain stem.  Lee could not get herself to a sit up position.  After three MRI’s of her brain, brain stem and neck vessels and a CT Scan her diagnosis is Vestibular neuronitis caused by Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease.   She has violent spinning sensation and imbalance, difficulty with vision.  In rehab their hope is to retrain her brain to work with her feet and eyes to learn new balance.  Her progress for 16 days is looking good.   She wants her laptop badly but cannot have it till her nystagmus in the right eye goes away. 
Lee has had a laugh with the doctors saying she has a wonderful brain with no signs of age.
I take her mail that has come and I see many E Cards which I have not opened.
SWTS is a very sad dog just sleeps, Lee talks to him on the phone every evening he makes noises back and rolls over showing his belly.  Possibly I can take him to see her soon.
We need Lee back and healthy again. We need to keep Rockin’ Wills tunes coming.  How else are we going to learn about Cincinnati?

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19 comments on “Update about Lee and Sweet William

  1. Both are in my prayers. It’s hard when mom is going and the little one is lonely.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. THANK YOU KYLA and THANK Janet ALSO fur keeping us POSTED about our beloved furends Miss Lee and Sweet William. We are so sorry that this happened and we PRAY that she gets back to HOME with Sweet William and US Very VERY soon.

  3. Prayers that Lee will get better. Poor Sweet William, wish i could give him a big hug. Thanks for the update

  4. Thanks BUNCHES for the update!!! It is good to hear that she is getting better! I am so sad for SW, butts I know that he is being very well taken care of and they will be togethers soon! POTP going to sweet Lee! you thinks a margarita will help? ☺
    Ruby ♥

  5. Thank you for the update. We have them in our prayers. This is something that I always worry about with my kids.

  6. Praying every day for her! Hope that rehab does it’s job!

  7. Thank you for the update. We will continue to keep Lee and SW in our prayers.

    Aroo to you,

  8. Sending lotsa prayers and wishes fur a speedy recovery… da Mommas (Whitley’s momma and my Momma) made and sent her get-well cards… hope Sweet William gets to visit her.

  9. Thanks. That’s very scary. We’ll keep our paws crossed. We sent her a card, but it’ll probably take ages to get there.

  10. Thanks for the update Kyla…..we are glad Miss Lee is doing better and I imagine Sweet William would REALLY love to visit her – hearing her voice on the phone is probably very special for him as I’m sure he doesn’t understand why she just suddenly vanished! We’re sending purrs and prayers………and hope that Miss Lee is home ASAP.

    Hugs, Sammy

  11. Thank you so much for the update. We have Lee in our thoughts and prayers. We have missed her and SW and have been thinking of them. Lee we hope you are well soon and back home.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Thank you so, so much for the update Kyla! We’ve been hounding poor Miss Madi in the hopes that she would have news for us.

    We pray every morning and every night that Miss Lee will make a full recovery and get home to our dear friend SW as soon as possible.

    Wally & Sammy

  13. many thanks for the information about William and his Lee, Kyla. I’m so sorry that this happened to Lee and I worried about William. It’s great that Lee has Janet who is there for William while she is away. I cross my paws for Lee and William and I hope The L&W team is together soon.

  14. Whee are thinking of them both.

    Love to them all


  15. WOW. YOU’RE THE BEST to share this news. And, you know what, I’m feeling pretty good about this prognosis. Yes, I am.

    Paws, fingers, toes and nails are all crossed for Lee.

    Now, how can we help SWTS????? Love that boy.


  16. Thank you so very much for the update information on Lee and Sweet William. I have been very worried about them. Will keep them in our prayers. POTP. Hope Lee get home soon to her Sweet William.

  17. Fanks for da update. Sendin lotsa POTP.

  18. Oh no. I hope Lee recovers quickly and Sweet William is ok too.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

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