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December 30

Another envelope for today. It said-Kali, clean up your act.  OK Now, if one of those young dogs were in charge of the blog, the story would have ended with the pictures. Kyla was very smart to have me as your intrepid reporter. You thought terriers were stubborn? Now for the complete story. Kali went […]

Haley paid us a visit

Over the weekend, we had a visitor, Haley, an American Bulldog. She brought along her staff of two. She’s from Philadelphia and was on her way to San Diego. The peeps seemed to know her staff. She’s in San Diego by now.

The Reasons

Another day, another envelope and missive from Kyla. OK, let’s see this one. To all- I suppose all of you are wondering about my selection of Kismet. Blogville not only needs a bird blogger, but no pirate story is complete without a parrot. Let’s examine the options: Kaci- She’s a sweetheart The problem is that […]

And the winner is ……

Ok, it’s time to open the envelope. First, I’d like to thank my mother… Kali, be quiet, I’m doing my acceptance speech.  Kaci, you idiot, you haven’t won yet and besides, you’re like me and don’t know who your mother is. I mean I have a better speech prepared. When you hear it, your speech […]

The envelope, please….

Kaci, it’s the day after Christmas….Don’t you think we should open the envelope that Kyla left for us? Let’s destuff it, Kali. Look, what’s inside…smaller envelopes with dates on them. I guess we should open December 26. My dear sisters, I’ve left you envelopes as you can see. Please open them on the dates on […]

Merry Christmas

This is the first Christmas that the house didn’t contain Kyla. They had the house built and moved in in the middle of April 2002. Kyla came in late December 2002. The humans here decided to blow the Christmas budget on – donations to the National Canine Cancer Foundation – the rescue group that saved […]

Oh good gravy

I thought I was going to wait until after Christmas, but something has happened. Kyla has been gone less than a week and one of my peeps’ good friends just lost her dog last night (Monday) at 10:30 pm (22:30). It was sudden, no warning and a heart attack. To make it worst, Sadie was […]

This couldn’t wait

I know we said that we wouldn’t post until after Christmas but this is too good not to share and had to be done before the 25th.

Thank you, Blogville

Kali and I thank all of your for your wishes.  We’ve read every response to yesterday’s post. We’ve visited all your blogs and thank those who had a post about our dear friend. We’ve read all the responses to those posts. We’ll continue to visit and probably won’t comment because neither of us could possibly […]

Kyla. Jalisco, Mexico July 26, 2002-Anthem, Arizona December 17, 2014

Kaci here with Kali at my side. In Christmas season, there’s a lot of getting and receiving gifts. December 2002, we received a gift from heaven. Today, we had to give her back. In September, we learned that Kyla’s melanoma spread and she had 1 to 6 months left with 3 being most likely. It […]