And the winner is ……

Ok, it’s time to open the envelope. First, I’d like to thank my motherKali, be quiet, I’m doing my acceptance speech. 

Kaci, you idiot, you haven’t won yet and besides, you’re like me and don’t know who your mother is. I mean I have a better speech prepared. When you hear it, your speech will pale.

And the winner of the right to continue kylascott.com is….. (rip)…..



About Kaci

I'm a rescue Chihuahua-West Highland White terrier mix in New River, AZ

51 comments on “And the winner is ……

  1. No offense, Kismet, but really… da burd??? I think Kyla had da last laff– and it were at you pupses’ expense….bol!

  2. Kyla you rock! I think that is one sassy bird there and perfect to continue in your quick witted way.
    Alyssa, Mr Fox and Scruffy

  3. I fully trust Kyla.

  4. We did NOT see that coming! Plot twist of note!!
    Wally & Sammy

  5. OMD! or is is OMBird! Kismet is going to be entrusted with the blog??!! Oh well, Kyla knew what she was doing…..either that or she is rollin’ around laughin’!

  6. Hehehehe Kyla has a great sense of humour,xx Speedy

  7. I gotta see Kyla’s reasons for dis.

  8. Well Kyla definitely got the last word…….tee hee…….!!

  9. A surprise contestant – BOL!

    Monty and Harlow

  10. What? hahaha, that’s a great idea!

  11. Every time I started going in that direction of thinking how Kismet might work out, I started to just turn my brain around and not go there. You two are going to be living on bird seed not green beans.
    Good Luck
    Sweet William The Scot

  12. And the mystery continues. It could be anyone at this point. I’ll be back tomorrow.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. 🙂

  13. COL (cheep out loud!) That’s just rich.With a bit of father luck, maybe the bird will allow lots of guest barks. Happy, Happy New Year.

  14. Ummmmm we just gotta wonder if this was Kyla’s way of ….. GIVING YOU THE BIRD…. one last time????? Well, WhatEVER the motive… we say Congratulations Kismet.

    Pee S… you are SO right about the Darker in the AM thingy and only 41 seconds longer in the PM… butt since WE don’t get up until WELL after the Butt Crack of Dawn… we will Gladly take those 41 Seconds in the evening…

  15. OMD OMD!!!! We guessed Kismet!

  16. Yay! Birds rule! Ok-I love them all- dogs, cats, parrots, ferrets, rats, sugar gliders, house bunnies, etc. but good bird bloggers are hard to find! Go bird!

  17. OMC! This ought to be fun! We will be seeing plenty of you girls I am sure, so it will still be all right won’t it?

  18. BOL Kyla sure surprised us all. I never saw that one coming, I bet Kyla is laughing her furry little butt off.

    Aroo to you,

  19. Kyla just could not chose between her 2 special sisters so she picked the bird. Bird, Bird, Bird… Bird is the word.

  20. Somebody and I’m not saying who, needs to be punished for using that lime green font.

  21. Everything will be from a different prospective. It might be very interesting and I think that Kaci and Kali will put their two cents into the fray.

  22. Wowsa!! Yeah, that Kyla is keepin’ everyone on their toes! Didn’t see that one comin’!
    Wells, Kismet DOES shred like a dog! I saw those soda boxes! Yups, maybe that is a good choice after all….
    Do you drink margaritas Kismet???
    Ruby ♥

  23. I’m spreading my wings here-Squawk, er, I mean AROOOOOOO

  24. Haha! Didn’t eect this but hey never a dull moment with Kyla!

  25. Have fun in the blogosphere Kismet!

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