Haley paid us a visit

Over the weekend, we had a visitor, Haley, an American Bulldog. She brought along her staff of two. She’s from Philadelphia and was on her way to San Diego. The peeps seemed to know her staff. She’s in San Diego by now.

SAM_1616 SAM_1618

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

29 comments on “Haley paid us a visit

  1. Awww, how adorable. Haley is also linked to my Awww Mondays post.

    Have a woof woof day Haley. My best to all your staff and peeps. 🙂

  2. Great upper cut you have going on Haley!
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. It’s great to get such cute visitors. are you good with fourlegged guests?

  4. That’s a long drive! We get antsy just going to the river….only about 5 minutes away. Great set of teeth! We noticed that there wasn’t a group shot with the pups…..a problem with being hospitable maybe!

  5. She seems to like posing for pix…..she looks like a sweetie – it shows in her eyes. Glad your cage was HIGH ENOUGH to be out of reach though!

    Hugs, Sammy

  6. OMD!! Ma says she LOVES Bulldogs of every size, shape and form!! Haley is just adorables!!! Did you say Hi, or just toss birdie seeds at her? BOL
    Ruby ♥

  7. Hey Kismet…. glad that you stayed far away from the “COMPANY” wouldn’t want you to be considered the MAIN COURSE or somethingy… especially since you JUST took over the Blog and all…

    • I didn’t mention meals. If I had, the only thing shorter than my tenure as a blogger would be the time between a politician taking office and breaking the first campaign promise.

  8. Hello Haley, pleased to meet you. We have Gucci the American bulldog visiting next door, he’s a real gentle giant and a very good friend of mine.
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. His teeth remind me of Rocky, my grand dog. It is great to have visitors.

  10. Good looking dog!

  11. Oh she’s cute

  12. How fun – it’s always nice to meet friends!

    Monty and Harlow

  13. I like a dog with a staff. Smart dog. Hope she continues to have a great trip.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

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