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The Governor called at the 11th hour..

I was going well until last weekend. I started pooping inside and refusing to eat my customary shredded apple on top of my food. The peeps could live with that. Then Tuesday, I started panting and wheezing and yesterday I was lethargic. The peeps called the vet because some of the symptoms of my melanoma […]

Kyla’s Thursday Teaser

Sammy has his Tuesday Teaser and I’ve got one for you. Here is the fireplace and the mantle. There are three dogs here and three stockings. Which one is mine? While you’re thinking, here are the Kenzie and Kyla ornaments on the tree. I know I’m hard to see in the lower right and Kenzie […]

Kali’s thoughts

She’s been here for almost a year and Kali thinks that everyone else in the household has lost their mind. She says she has evidence of that.

The latest about Lee

Hi, it has been a long week. SWTS was MIA for a day.  He has been so good, never messing in my house, never tore up one thing and only has barked twice.  The little bugger decided to take himself home.  He is O.K. Lee’s progress is really slow.  But they are going to try and send her […]