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Finally some good news

You may remember the story of Diane and Sadie. Diane has been down after her loss of Sadie. Yesterday, we got some good news. Diane loves Dobermans and tried to get a dog from Doberman rescue, but wasn’t successful. She found a litter in San Jose, California and picked up her new pup yesterday. They […]

Way to go, Stu!

We got a card in the mail. The outside: The inside Wonderful, Stuart. We hope it helps find a cure for “C” and helps a lot of us. Then we can concentrate on a cure for the blue bird flu.  

Interesting stuff

Don’t get put off because this is about US football. It’s not about the game but some interesting stuff. Yesterday was the penultimate football game. It was held at the University of Phoenix stadium. Yesterday was an exhibition game of players from all the teams except the last two who will play for the championship […]

Kyla memorial at the Dogtor

Kyla’s memorial is ready. If you haven’t seen the videos, they’re worth it.  

We got a message from Kyla this morning.

If you look closely enough, you can see it also. It is in the center, just over the hill. By the time the camera was fetched, it was almost over. It says that Scottiemom’s cousin Snackle is there already and is fitting in well.  

Thank you, Marsha

A big THANK YOU to our friend Marsha, who found this metal decoration at a yard sale and thought of us so she bought it and gave it to us. A little paint and fasten it to the wall and there’s no doubt that this is Casa Kyla. It’s great to have friends who look […]

The postman cometh

We received a package today from Oregon, from the 2 dachshunds who are family. The doxies claim that they were just late, but we really know. They wanted to spare our feelings at Christmas so soon after you know what. What great hand drawn portraits of Kenzie and Kyla! They’re already off the chart and […]

Rough, Tough Terrier

Kyla left me in charge of this blog because I’ll write things that the young dogs would hide from you. This afternoon, Kaci wouldn’t go outside to pee. She was afraid. There was a monster outside  

Happy Snow Year

We woke up this New Years’ Day morning and were treated to snow. No, not in our yard or on our roads but in the mountains. We like it that way-we can see it but don’t have to shovel or drive in it.