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We didn’t do it

We suffered no internet outage ourselves, but the cut happened 2½ km or 1½ miles west of home.   Curiosity may have harmful effects to cats, but not to birds and dogs. We visited the scene of the crime.   My staff started searching and listening for clues We couldn’t find a thing. How […]

I protest!

Kismet is busy building a nest for spring mating season (good luck with that one, birdbrain) so while she wasn’t looking I had to tell you the injustice that happened today. I had to go to the dogtor for my annual checkup so my peeps could make their annual contribution to the vet’s living large […]

Scottiemobile addition

When Kyla crossed the bridge 2 months ago, we donated in her memory to a few causes. One was the National Canine Cancer Foundation. They sent us a decal and there was no other place for it other than on Kyla’s beloved Scottiemobile.

Funny Farm

We all know that the peeps are crazy, but the dogs bark at anything. I’m the only sane one here.

There are advantages to being avian

Yesterday was the Super Bowl. Since they were going to have the roof open, I thought I’d fly the 40 miles-60 kilometers and crash the party. I got there early to observe. No fans yet but the roof was open and there was plenty of perching space. I watched the stadium fill and the sun […]