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Oh nooooooo

I woke up this morning to having Kaci outside my cage with a sign Kali also had a sign from  a bird food chain (no not to feed the birds but the other way around). Even Lilly, the greyhound nest door had a sign  Umm, what’s up with this? and they all said in […]

Thanks, Bella

It seems that every year, we get a visit from our frog friend whom we’ve named Karma See this (amongst others) you can search for Karma in the upper right. We recently received something from our friends downunder, and since it has all the hints of being the work of her, thank you Bella for what […]


Get ready (Saturday) Get set (yesterday) GO! (today) We were going have this presented by the lovely Miss Kaci who had her first ever grooming yesterday, but she was too embarrassed and wanted inside to hide.

Yeah, we’re keeping you

Kali was in a kill shelter before being rescued (that would traumatize even this grizzled parrot). When she was brought to our home in January 2014, she was the “wild child” or as He likes to spell it “Wylde Chylde” in the manner of the Bard.  She was out for adoption once before and returned […]

Thank you, Scottie Mom!

Yesterday, I got an email from ScottieMom wondering how far I was from San Bernardino, California because there was a Scottie in need. Scottie Mom sent me this link (it may not work after a while) so I’ll steal the picture It looks like he’s in a sterile jail cell. The description says 3YO Scottie […]


For most, a sitcom stands for situation comedy. Kaci and Kali think it stands for they sit and watch the human comedy.