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Comment Kali Vous?

That bird has been remiss in posting. This should be all about us dogs. I’ll post and feature Kali. Take that bird brain.

A couple of updates

Diane sent me a couple of pictures of her with her “vicious” Doberman. I asked for permission to post these and she paid you all a big compliment. “The thing is, the people on your blog already know. How do we get through to the people who read that ignorant article?” Put your paws together […]


Every once in a while, you see something ridiculous and it has to be called out for what it is. Go through the slide show and be upset like we are. We all have a number 15 as a friend. We have a friend with a number 2 and when her previous number 2 crossed, […]

Don’t Finish that Bottle of Wine

OK, now that I have your attention with the title, here’s why. You won’t get to use Kali reminds you that you can’t have too much Scottie stuff.

Happy Day to all from the desert.

It’s yellow time here when all the plants seem to have yellow flowers-even the weeds on the road. The cactus is non-conforming (surprise).

Spring Training is almost over

Don’t worry, this isn’t really a sports story so stay with me here. For our international readers, baseball is a warm weather sport, played in the spring, summer and early autumn. The 2015 season gets underway on Sunday night with one game and most teams start on Monday. The weather in the month of March […]