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She’s serious about this

There was a new family member today…. Should we run a naming contest when we figure out how many names we’ll need?

She really missed Mothers’ Day

Kali and I have to write this post because Kismet is so full proud of herself. She thinks that she is going to be a mother. Yes, Kismet laid an egg. She thinks it’s going to hatch. Good luck with that, burd brain. You haven’t seen a male parrot since you were separated from your brother as […]

Silent Sunday-Peek a Boo, I see you

Kali returns from the fur thieves

We all knew that there was a Scottie just hiding in there.

I have some dumb relatives

I’m ashamed of some of the members of the bird family here, they’re just plain stupid. Of course, these aren’t members of the parrot group-we’re above this. We have big windows because She likes it airy and bright. As you can plainly see, you can see right through the house to the other side. Well, […]

Bunny Screech

There’s a bunny out there and the entire town needs to know about it.

Yellow season is over.

In the latter part of March, a lot of the vegetation turns yellow – this is from a month ago. All things come to an end and yellow season is starting to lie on the ground That means that we birds have to put on different make-up to camouflage against predators. I don’t have to […]

Backhanded Birthday

You know what a backhanded compliment is, such as “You look good TODAY”. How would you feel if you received a birthday card featuring a squirrel?