I have some dumb relatives

I’m ashamed of some of the members of the bird family here, they’re just plain stupid. Of course, these aren’t members of the parrot group-we’re above this. We have big windows because She likes it airy and bright.


As you can plainly see, you can see right through the house to the other side. Well, some birds (more related to dodos than parrots) think that they can fly right through the house to the other side. That’s laziness because all they have to do is fly over the house-duh. These would be Supermen crash into the windows and are stunned from anywhere from a couple of seconds to a half hour. They rally and go away. The peeps don’t like this and get these decals that are transparent to humans but visible to birds. Here’s one-you can see the fuzziness and also (if you look closely) the outline of a maple leaf decal.


This has cut out about 90% of it. The remaining 10% have to be turkeys.

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

48 comments on “I have some dumb relatives

  1. YOU have that happen TOO???? Yesterday we had a HUMMINGBIRD crash into the Screen… and get his Beak caught… Mom had to push it outta there…. and he just Flew off with out so much as a How Do You Do?…. Glad that they are VERY VERY distant Relatives of yours…

  2. What a cool product! Brilliant.

  3. Dumb birds! Like the decal idea. Guess you only get vision impaired birds now….

  4. Wow…. dos decals are soooooooooooo cool. I’ve never seen anything like it. Good find for dumb birds.

  5. Did not know about the decals, what a wonderful idea. Don’t know what you can do with dumb visually impaired bird.

  6. The remaining 10% aren’t very bright at all. That’s what. Love this.

    Have a terrific day. πŸ™‚

  7. We had to faux stained glass the bedroom window because the birds would start pecking at their reflection early in the morning.

  8. Yeah, I agree, must be blonde.

  9. WOW….real Turkeys…didn’t know they could fly……well, round one up lets eat…bet you guys stay well stock in turkey drum sticks!

    The Mad Scots

  10. Every family has their share of turkey’s …. πŸ˜‰

  11. Crikey …… I’ll have to get some of those decals for my two legged sister. She’s got a kookaburra that sits in a tree outside her house and flies into her bedroom window (BANG) about 10 times a day. You’d think he’d learn after the first time, aye?? He’s done it so many times now that I think he’s definitely brain dead. They caught him once and took him away in the car and let him out about 10 klms away. I think he got back before they did and BANGO …. straight into the window again. It’s no laughing matter, aye??

  12. BOL I guess every family has one or two eggheads that you just have to turn a blind eye to.

    Aroo to you,

  13. Yah we have that happen here too. Go figure!!


  14. Clearly our mother has some bird in her. She has been known to walk, smack-bang, into closed sliding doors.
    Wally & Sammy
    PeeS: we tried to do this on the quiet but clearly the information is top secret seeing as no one has it – please could you e-mail us your postal address.

  15. We had multiple doves commit suicide on our windows.

  16. Oh we have that turkeys here too… and my mom put stickers on our windows till we got a special foil … the package said “easy to remove”…that means you need a hammer and a chisel :o(

  17. Uhoh…….flying turkeys would scare me a bit. Purrrhaps the birds that don’t see those decals or don’t fly OVER the house need glasses?

    Hugs, Sammy

  18. The shortest distance between two points is often unbearable.
    We have a dodo bird here also. A thermometer is attached to our kitchen window with suction cups and it has a red bird painted on it. A bird has flown into it dozen of times and then sits on the window sill squawking. It is trying to get to the painted bird.
    Sweet William The Scot

  19. First, that photo of the little white wonder is precious. A sleeping beauty. Now, about those do do birds. You need to teach them how to act. Geesh. Nice views, though. It’s a shame about those dummies.

  20. Wells, what can I say? Yups. got nothin’. I could make a joke how I once ran into our sliding glass door when Ma was WAY too slow openin’ it…why do you thinks I drink all those margaritas? PTSD!!! BOL!
    Anyhu, I loves Kaci’s tongue action there!
    Ruby β™₯

    • Kaci has her tongue partially out about half the time. The other half, she has a toy in her mouth. Kyla used to scream at ther-“KACI how can you EAT????”.

  21. What a great idea. Whee have some little birds that fly into our front window even when whee have blinds down . . . usually when the feeder is empty . . . maybe they’re telling us something πŸ˜›


  22. We see it! We see it! We see the scottie! Looks great!

    Estimated birthday 30 February? Bwahaahaa! Oh well….at least they were smart enough to rescue dogs.

  23. I think it’s a great idea. Keeps people safe and happy. πŸ™‚

  24. That is a clever solution to the problem, well done!!

  25. I only ever had a bird fly through an open window to try to peck at my chicken pie before. – –

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