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It’s unfair

This morning a child of Karma paid us the annual amphibian visit. How do I know that it isn’t Karma? It’s a lot smaller. How come Karma’s eggs hatch and mine don’t?????

The Mailman came-we let him live.

Yup, we didn’t even bark or squawk. That’s because the mail box is at the end of the road-2 houses away. We know he was here because there was a package from our friends in South Africa, Wallace and Samuel. We opened it and What a haul! There was something for everybody. For Kaci and […]

It was six months ago today

and we still have “Kyla moments”.

You better run down the road, little fella

Look what just got delivered to Wile E. Coyote

A girl can’t

– be too thin. – be too rich. – have too many pillows upon which to nap.

We have a real winner!

The judge handed down the decision in the “name the eggs” contest. Instead of wanting the prize for himself, the winner wanted to help shelters. The prize will be split 3 ways, one for a shelter here in Arizona (the winner’s wish), one third to a shelter near the judge and one third for a […]

Old expression updated

There’s an old expression “snake in the grass”. Is there a difference between that and “snake on the AstroTurf”?