Kali must have been the model

Remember, there’s the June 10 deadline to enter the egg naming contest. While the entries come in, I’m going to show you about last night. First, this post and tomorrow a report on “bark at the park” at the local baseball game.

They gave away a bobblehead of Tony LaRussa last night. Tony is a Hall of Fame manager (third all-time in career wins) and now works in the Arizona Diamonbacks’ front office. Also (from Wikipedia):

La Russa and second wife, Elaine, are the founders of Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, which saves abandoned and injured animals as well as running programs to bring dog and cat visits to abused children, hospital patients, seniors and shut-ins. La Russa is also a vegetarian.



Yes, the lovely Miss Kali was probably the model they had in mind when they designed it.


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I'm a rescue Chihuahua-West Highland White terrier mix in New River, AZ

31 comments on “Kali must have been the model

  1. Oh there’s no doubt Kali was the model…..the resemblance is obvious! The Animal Rescue Foundation sounds like a REALLY wonderful organization……bravo for the La Russa’s.

    Pam and Sam

    • Thanks for noticing the resemblance. While in Oakland, LaRussa saw to it that the stray cats at the stadium were provided for as I recall.

  2. We thought that WAS Kali there… Our Indians sometimes Play the D-Backs…

  3. I think you’re right about Kali. Yes I do.

    Have a woof woof day Kali. My best to your peeps. 🙂

    • Hows LB? Someday you should post a picture. If you don’t want to on your blog, send it to us and we’ll post it (kyle.a.scott at gmail dot com).

  4. There’s no doubt about it, it’s Kali! What a wonderful thing LaRussa is doing for the animals and kidos. I love stories like this one.

    Aroo to you,

  5. I loves Tony LaRussa! He always did lots of stuffs for peeps and animals here, and all around the country! He loves the Furry’s! I remember when he started the bring your doggie to the game days…still going on, of course!
    And, Kali, I thinks your cuter than that doggie on the Bobblehead! Just sayin’…
    Ruby ♥

  6. Kali is the best model ever. Mom has been a baseball fan since she was a wee one.

  7. Kali most definitely is a model! Just make sure she gets fair payment in treats!! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  8. Wait……surely you not suggesting that Kali is a Bobble Head!

    The Mad Scots

  9. She would have been a great model! We love to hear about stuff like that.

  10. With LaRussa’s philosophy about animals, I’d certainly model (for free, even) for him.

  11. I trust she’s getting the royalties.

  12. I think it was her — Who knows what she does when no ones around… This is especially true at my house ! 🙂

  13. Yes…oh yes, we can definitely see the resemblance. Will Kaci be doing any modeling work too?
    Wally & Sammy

  14. oh I’m sure Kali was the model… and I bet the peeps on the streets will ask her for autographs now :o)

  15. Yes the likeness is uncanny. I think she is earning money and not reporting it to the IRS.
    Sweet William The Scot

  16. Three hours later, I’m covered with filthy dust but in my arms are all the documents going back
    to 1999, once I first place my money into the MF’s

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