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Terrier bird

You won’t believe it. It’s been a while since Kismet laid her 2 eggs. We gave the rules for the contest and everyone was happy. That mean bird tried to muck things up. Look at this: Yes, under the cover of darkness she tried to mess up the contest by laying another egg. It’s that […]

Eggciting contest!

Kismet is so concerned about finding a man that she has neglected to name her eggs! Therefore, all of you will have to give the eggs names. Believe Kali and me, the prize for the best name is well worth it. Here are the rules: 1) This contest is open to all residents of Blogville […]

Another dumb member of my family

While we’re waiting to see if any more eggs are coming, look at this short video taken of our house. This is a dumb bird although I may be just as dumb because even I don’t know if there’s another egg coming. That is one dumb woodpecker. He’s doing his thing on a metal chimney […]