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Kali’s Kritters

Kali has been possessed about the northeast corner of the dog run. She spends hours there and would spend the entire day out there (with meal breaks-it’s tough work and makes one hungry). She’s trying desperately to get to something and that could only be a critter. On the outside, you can see the bricks […]

Man bites Dog

If you don’t get the title, see here. Out next door neightbor, Lilly, the rescue greyhound spends the summers in very northern Minnesota, just a few miles from Canada. She’ll be back in autumn. Meanwhile, things are a bit crazy in Minnesota. Lilly is a little unclear on the concept. She’s having a little problem […]

Solidarity Sunday

Here’s a video from October, 2012 just after Kenzie crossed the bridge. It’s of Kaci in the rescue foster home. Kaci practically screamed “ADOPT ME” so the peeps did. We didn’t put it on a Throwback Thursday post because we’d never throw her back.

A message

June through September are monsoon months. It will be two weeks and we’ll be in August and we really haven’t had a monsoon yet this year in this desert. A monsoon can involve wind ,rain, thunder, lightening or any one of those by itself or in any combination with the others. Yes, we get lightening […]

What do you think?

We’ve had a metal Scottie “Welcome” that sticks in the ground. We painted it black but the paint has worn off and there’s a rust color to it now which is the style in these parts. Our Oregon dachshund cousins recently gave us a Westie. The question is, so we repaint the Scottie black and […]

Let us at them

Kali and I have a beef with the peeps. We don’t have tree squirrels here (no trees=no tree squirrels). We do have ground squirrels. Not only that, they’re living ten feet away from our front door. They’ve moved in-these are the holes to their city underground Yes, they show up when they feel like it […]

This was a close call

Times are tough and everyone is looking for cash. Today a job seeker came up to my peep and said I really need a job and I’ll work for cheap”. The peep said “I may have an opening-my parrot is disappointing me by laying eggs that won’t hatch”. “Can you sit on my shoulder like a […]

Tyrannosaurus rex has been defeated-Kaci and Kali await Godzilla

Better safe than soggy

It’s a holiday weekend here. There will be some injuries from fireworks.  Be safe this weekend, you never know when it is unsafe.