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The Demolition Princess

Kali has been getting into the spirit of things The peeps arrange the run Then Kali goes out the dog door and sits there innocently if she’s being watched. The peeps go away and 15 minutes later the demolition princess has done her thing Kali, I have a better idea. That burd is driving me […]

Update on Bonnie

I received a response from the rescue group that had Bonnie: Oh my….I put her up at 10:00 pm and by 9:00 am I had to take her down!  I had 11 applications that were local on her by that time and then a few out of state inquiries…damn.  Wish it was like that for […]


This morning we received an email from the rescue group from whom we got Kaci in October 2012. We asked those peeps to keep an eye out for a Scottie and to let us know if they came across one. They did and we got the following: I just came across this Scottie that the […]

Maybe She’s safe

Kali was floored to get her own personalized dish. She still hadn’t joined the flag gang. Every other dog that was ever here has one After being on death row in a kill shelter, adopted out once and returned for being the “Wild Child”, Kali is paranoid. She’s confident of her place now: Kali figures […]

The new Apprentice

Kali has been here for 1½ years now. The peeps say that we’re keeping her. There are a couple of things missing for Kali and they’ve started to correct that. First, Kyla and Kenzie had their own food bowls that were unmistakably theirs. Then Kaci came and got one with a ceremony Today, Kaci presented […]

Don’t worry about us

You may have heard that we’re in a heat wave here. Yesterday, we got to over 43C 110F. With the wind chill factor it is only 42.8C.Brrrrr.

Poor Kaci

Around last weekend, Kaci started to pee inside. She also peed frequently. On Saturday morning, she saw the v-e-t about this and was diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infection. She was given Clavamax to take. The supply we were given runs out early next week but the Clavamax hasn’t seemed to have any effect. If there’s […]

Mooch Pooch

Kali looks sweet and innocent. However, in the 11 months that she was here with Kyla, she learned a lot. She learned how to scarf. She went into the recycle bin and started licking the inside of the now empty frozen green bean bag. Kali, don’t worry-there’s another full five pound bag in the freezer.


What’s this I see? Just because Karma the frog paid us a visit this week, Kaci decided to copy her: Kaci, you can frogdog all you want but we all know you hate the water.