Don’t worry about us

You may have heard that we’re in a heat wave here. Yesterday, we got to over 43C 110F.


With the wind chill factor it is only 42.8C.Brrrrr.

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I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

45 comments on “Don’t worry about us

  1. Does anyone know what “hotter than Hades” really feels like? Well I hope your AC keeps truckin.
    Sweet William The Scot

    • Oh I just drove past the Riverfront Stadium going over the river to Kentucky today and it said rounding third base and heading for home yea right!

      • Isn’t Great American Ballpark right there also?

        • Well one in the same Cinergy Field (formerly Riverfront Stadium) torn down to become Great American Ball Park. In Nati City you can be driving along on a straight street and in a mile distance the road can have three names. You can get lost real easy just by going straight. The kicker is the road will change back to the first name again.
          We like to confuse visitors. Are you confused yet?

          • It’s worse here. You have a lot of streets with the same name. There’s “One Way” and “Frontage Road” which are very popular.

          • Frontage Road? That reminds Momma of a funny story…. years ago when she was a small girl, she was ridin’ in da car with her Grammy and her Daddy (Grammy was Daddy’s momma)… anyways, Grammy sez “Fron-tage Road?? Why we, have one of those in Austin, too”….. Daddy just snorted and said, “Mother, they have them almost everywhere there is a highway… it isn’t the name of the road, it just describes it… it fronts the highway”…. bol, bol!!!

          • Finley, next you’ll be telling the dogs that their quest to find the Easter bunny is doomed to failure.

  2. Wow that is warm. Me and Nelle don’t like it when it gets to 38 C here. Keep cool.

    • It’s good that the wind chill is less than the actual temperature 🙂
      Oh well, we’re used to it and it is almost time to start cooling off-it’s summer’s last blast.

  3. Stay chill, my friends!

    • At last it isn’t 117F 47C like it was in June.

      • My Daddy wuz born and grew up in Tucson… always said “It’s hot but it’s a dry heat”… Well, one year, they visited his folks in June. 117 in da shade. So when he said, “Well, it’ a dry heat”…. she said, “So is an oven and you don’t see me climbing in one of those, do you??” bol, bol!!

  4. Wind chill…bwahaahaa! Keep cool, everyone.

  5. Good thing your family all has fur or down coats!

  6. Wind chill my furry arse!! Go inside and enjoy the AC.

    Aroo to you,

  7. We’re having a heatwave here too. Awful.

    Have a woof woof day, My best to your wonderful mom. ☺

  8. 110? Dat are a cool wave for Arid-zona.

  9. We haven’t reached triple digits. It just feels like it. Stay cool dear friends.

  10. Oh, it was 100 todays…butts it’s a DRY heat, right? ☺ Really, it wasn’t as bad as it was when it was 85 with 90% humidity last month!
    Stay cool..and remembers to HYDRATE ~ I find a margarita works awfully well…
    Ruby ♥

  11. I hope you have enough icy green beans to cool your tummies a little… and it sounds not really as if you would like a place in my sauna-fridge :o)

  12. While it’s not been over a 100, it has been toasty in the Mile High too and I’m kind of over the whole summer thing. Dry heat or not, it is just too hot for this girl! Try to stay cool, here’s hoping moderate autumn is just around the corner to which I welcomingly say, ‘bring it on!’ 🙂

  13. WOOOOOOOOO! Hot, hot, hot!!!!!! Stay cool my furiends!

  14. WOW…Thats HOT!! Keep cool my friend!!


  15. Saw on the news last week a huge dust storm that rolled over Phoenix! Crazy! Stay cool my friends.

  16. Wow that is some warm weather you’re having can you send a bit over to us please,xx Speedy

  17. I hope it’s gonna be over soon, if its not over yet!

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