The Demolition Princess

Kali has been getting into the spirit of things The peeps arrange the run


Then Kali goes out the dog door and sits there innocently if she’s being watched.


The peeps go away and 15 minutes later the demolition princess has done her thing


Kali, I have a better idea. That burd is driving me crazy with her SQUAAAAAWKing and complaining about not having her own personalized dish and flag. I need your help to pull this off and shut her up. C’mon with me to my laboratory.


About Kaci

I'm a rescue Chihuahua-West Highland White terrier mix in New River, AZ

37 comments on “The Demolition Princess

  1. I think Kismet needs those things to really feel like part of the family. I’m just saying. I think you should squawk until you get the bowl and flag.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  2. Kali, looks like you were protesting something. Maybe that Kismet doesn’t have his own personalized bowl and flag??? Or maybe you were just working off some energy! BOL!

  3. Why Kali is just like any girl ~ rearranging things so they are comfortable and to her liking. Kismet your day is coming!
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Kali is just adding her personal touch.

    Aroo to you,

  5. Can’t wait to hear your plan!

  6. Are those actually concrete blocks? If so, be afraid, very afraid, that dog has super powers and if she chooses to use them for evil you peeps are goners..

  7. Look out Kismet! Kali has some serious demolition skills!

  8. Sophie would not even wait for everyone to leave for a second. She can match anyone in destruction of property. Kaci and Kismet, you have our sympathy.

  9. Dat’s some impressive destruckshun. I mostly stuck to shoes and carpeting.

  10. I don’t understand the problem…don’t all TERRorist do that?? I rearrange thingies all the time. Peeps just don’t appreciate our skills! Rock on Kali!!
    Ruby ♥

  11. Uhoh…….wondering what “THE PLAN” might be?!?!?!

    Hugs, Sammy

  12. BOL! Now that is funny! I am always up for a good demolition.

  13. wow Kali, that’s not bad :o) I can’t wait to hear your plan… I bet it’s something what I can write in my bad idea catalog, right?

  14. BOL!! There’s never a dull moment at your “K” compound! Can’t wait to find out what yer cookin’ up in tha lab!!!

  15. Dear Kali,
    Nice design job on the rearranging of your run. 🙂 Do you do painting too?
    A fellow pillow tosser/designer,
    Sam 🐾

  16. Oh dear. I’m staying tuned for act II….

  17. As far as we’re concerned, unless you can catch her red pawed, IN the act…you’ve got no case.
    Wally & Sammy

  18. hehehe I do that sort of thing too,xx Speedy

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