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An Intellectual Giant Crossed the Bridge

Yesterday, an American icon crossed the bridge. He was a good baseball player but I’m not going to bore those who live elsewhere than a baseball playing area with his baseball smarts. I’m going to give you his philosophy. There was a succession, Socrates, Plato and then Aristotle. Then came the Romans and the preeminent […]

I won the door prize

I didn’t come home empty clawed from Speedy’s Pirate Party  (in case you were there and didn’t recognize me, I was the parrot with a peep on my shoulder). I won a door prize. Speedy picked my name out from the entrants. I must confess, I cheated. A little eau de lettuce sprinkled on my entry […]

There is some sanity in the world.

Number 2 is not a surprise. The article is almost 3 years old but still true. See this.

And they call us “dirty dogs”?

We live on a cul-de-sac that is private property-even the road belongs to the homeowners. Do you see what’s in the middle of the road? If you look closely enough, you can see horseshoe prints in the dirt. At least Kaci and Kali can smell horse. This means that some inconsiderate peep rode a horse […]

Silent Sunday

The Postman cometh

I was all set to post on something unimportant but Kaci and Kali came up and they were very excited. It was all about a package that came for ME! It’s for me all right. Let’s see what’s it’s about.  Lookee here! A Kismet garden flag! plus a personalized seed cup! It makes my perch […]