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Kali gets into her Halloween costume

Now you see her Presto Change-o.


My peep had a birthday today and some dogs knew exactly what he needed. The doxies in Oregon, Bandit and Digger sent a huge metal yard art piece! It is you know who. Kaci and Kali also gave him something. For those who are new to this blog, Kyla loved her Scottiemobile. Customized floor mats! […]

I’m abused

I’ve been abused and that burd won’t listen to my complaining so I’m going to have to go public. I was just sitting around, being myself, when the peeps put me in the car and took me to the dogtor. It was horrible, first a shot and then when I woke up, my mouth was […]

Taco Day 2015

This taco day, we’re remembering some of the past. Here’s 2012 I turned out to be Kenzie’s last meal- His liver finally gave out the next day. For Taco Day 2015, we’re remembering the three Scottie sisters we lost in 2014. Taco Day was Jazzi’s idea. We’re having green bean tacos to honor Kyla and […]