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Those Cheating Peeps.

Yesterday, the peeps left the three of us alone while They went out to dinner at a friend’s house. When They returned home (get this, without a doggie bag, what’s with that?), They had all kinds of strange smells on Them. It took Kali and me all night to decipher what happened. This must have […]

A Warning

It’s Thanksgiving Eve in the US tonight. Tomorrow, you may have family and friends over for a feast. You have to be careful. Before Kyla, the peeps had a rescue pup who was found wandering along I-280, just south of San Francisco. ¬†The peeps had their parents and friends over. The next day, Casper was […]

Stu is home!

Read all about it

For those of you who haven’t heard….

Our pal, Stuart at needs you to turn toward Richmond, Virginia and send your POTP, good wishes, and/or prayers. He is still in the emergency hospital where he spent the night. The short is he’s got the “C” word. The long is he’s got Pericardial Effusion Caused by¬†Hemangiosarcoma

Kali is an 8-ball

Kali is the only dog They’ve ever had who jumps onto the pool table.