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Silent Night? All is Calm?

Christmas is here. Kali and Kaci got new stuff to de-stuff.   Everything was great until the snow freak appeared to spoil the party. We hope things went better with you. Love, Kismet.

It’s been a year

In a few minutes, it will be exactly a year since Kyla went to a better place. She’s with Stuart now and other friends, both old and new. We think about her many times during every day. She was the heart and soul of the house. There are times when she lets us know that […]

Farewell, our friend.

Stuart left for the bridge yesterday.  Drop on over.

Kali can fool the peeps but not this bird

The peeps decided that they had enough-it was time for Kali to go to the groomer. Kali knew what to expect and knew that the groomer always gave a report card. 30 minutes before she was scheduled to go, Kali borrowed my black pen and my roll of tape. Evidently on the way over, Kali […]