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Happy Hoppy Dance

From “scenes I never thought I’d see”-he’s eating a weed and not the vegetable garden!

Throwback Thursday

Recently on Thursday, dogs and cats have been posting baby pictures of themselves as puppies and kittens and they are all cute. I love baby pictures. I’ll add the cutest one of all. This is me when I was very young.

We had a vistor

You remember Karma the frog who visits us occasionally. We had another visitor today. Don’t worry, it may look like a rattlesnake but it only a harmless gopher snake. ┬áThere is a standout name for him/her, Kobra.

I found out who he is

We’ve all been accused of doing something naughty. We know that Somedoggy did it. From my prime vantage point above the floor and near the ceiling, Sherlock parrot has solved the mystery. Boy, was some “doggie” surprised. I took a cell phone photo (isn’t a cage a cell?) of somedoggy before somedoggy went poo in […]