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Continuing in Kyla’s pawsteps

Kyla had a thing about bad labeling. ¬†First there was the food that never expired. Then there was the geographical fraud. Since Kyla left me in charge of the blog, I’ve been watching. I’ve spotted another fraud: Kyla would be proud of this find: False advertising. It’s under 20 bucks and isn’t going to send […]

We Miss you Whitely

Earlier this month, we lost a friend. Whitely Westie was a feisty, opinionated terrier and we miss her. Today is to honor her. Now, you know that nobody dresses up this bird. I have something Whitley will like, it’s Kenzie (RIP Oct 2012) in a bandanna. Just to show my love for Whitley, I did […]

Booo Hisss

Most of you remember the Scottiemobile plate on the Scottiemobile with Kyla’s picture: Here it is (modeled by angel Kyla) Well, the weather is getting warmer and the plate has to go off (until October) because it prevents air flow to cool the engine and through the air conditioning. The A/C would blow hot but […]

I can’t do it.

We’re supposed to honor Forrest who recently went to the bridge by giving him a tail wagging good bye today. It ain’t gonna happen. I can’t wag my tail. Parrots just cannot do that. However, I may be able to do it by proxy. Since I’m very blue, I invoke the Blues Brothers: