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Don’t read this if you have a bad heart

Kismet doesn’t care, but Kali and I do. We don’t have tree rats but we do have “ground squirrels”. You can’t have tree rats without big trees but we have plenty of ground for these to use. We try to scare them away through the window, but the peeps won’t let us at them. The […]

STOP, Thief!

Oh boy, there were developments in trouble city today. I wasn’t involved because the fur stealer doesn’t do feathers. Besides flying,┬áthere are other advantages to being a bird. Ok, I’ll name another big one. Your don’t have to see a dentist. Kaci and Kali went to the groomer today. The peeps had to spend over […]

It was Professor Plum in the library with a knife. SQUAAAAAAAAAWK!

Mollie did Kali

We all have our mini-me’s done by Mollie at Here’s mine We got Mollie to do one for Kali and the results are spectacular It looks just like her. Perfect, don’t you think?