Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

It’s the day to celebrate those who are no longer with us.

We’ll start with Casper, a dog of unknown origin and ancestry who was found as a stray near Highway 280 just south of San Francisco



Casper almost made it to 18.  This hangs in the bedroom but was taken down for this picture because of the glare from outside. They are from all the anipals since Casper. Notice the fur and feathers taped on the picture. Hey wait! There’s fur from Kyla and Kenzie and a couple of feathers from Boomerang. There’s a blue feather of mine-I’m the only one who hasn’t crossed the bridge yet. Is this an omen?  SQUAAAAAWK!

We also have something that hangs in the kitchen (also temporarily removed because of glare). It hangs in the Kitchen, just like Kyla.


From the top left and going clockwise:

Kenzie (2003-2012). Kyla’s little buddy and a handful. Gone too soon because of liver cancer.

That’s MEEEE! hatched 2008.

The lovely Miss Kaci born 2012, Unknown ancestry and was rescued from a kill shelter in time.

Boomerang the cockatiel. In April of 2003, Kyla started barking big time at the glass door to the back yard. The peep went to see what is was all about and this cockatiel flew onto his shoulder. That startled the peep and the bird flew off and returned to the shoulder. That’s how the bird got his name besides his species is native to Australia. The peeps tried to find his home but had no success. Kyla loved Boomer and when Boomer crossed in 2008, Kyla was despondent. Kyla was a pet who had a pet. Kyla perked up when the peeps got me to replace Boomer.

Kyla, of course. 2002-2014.  She’s the only one to know all five of the others. We couldn’t stop melanoma from taking her away. She is missed and was the queen of the house. She was Stuart’s girl friend and Stu and she are probably laughing at the crazy things that peeps do when they look at us from the bridge.

Kali, probably born in 2002. Like Kaci, unknown ancestry and was rescued from a kill shelter in time.

All still loved and missed. I have nothing funny to say.




About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

48 comments on “Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

  1. That is a lovely way to remember you all past and Present,xx Speedy

  2. Thank you for this post. Animals of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and yes, colors, shape our lives for the better. They all teach us humans something about life and unfortunately, end of life. We are grateful for each and every one of them that come to our hearts.

  3. Kismet what a lovely memorial to those who paved the path to your families heart.
    We also wanted to thank you for always being a faithful commentor to POTP. We know those in need are thankful too

    Hugs madi

  4. It is rare for a dog to live to be nearly 18, you were blessed! Loved learning about the others who came before. Our Rainbow Bridge post is on Cody’s blog catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. I’m with you on nothing funny to say. Our Little Bit left us last October and we miss her so. There have been many that have left us over the years, but Little Bit is still so very tender.

    Have a day of remembrance of all those you’ve loved and lost. 🙂

  6. So hard to lose them. My peeps lost Scruffy, Maggie Mae and Sadie. Sadie was the hardest, gone way too soon. But now they have ME! Love to all of you.

    • Sadie was certainly a shock. It was a one-two punch in the same week we lost Kyla. With Kyla, we had time to prepare because we knew she wouldn’t survive the melanoma. There was apparently nothing wrong with five year old Sadie and WHAM. You didn’t even have a chance to say good bye.

  7. Oops and Jazzie, the red dobie!

  8. Love to you all today. Great family collage.
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  9. Today is a day to remember and you have a lot to remember with all those dear pups and Boomer! Kismet I don’t think I ever told you before but I think your coloring is beautiful……a very pretty shade. You’re a special bird…..really.

    Love, Sammy

  10. That was just beautiful Kismet. How blessed you all are to live in such a loving home.

  11. Coco and Chu Chu send good thoughts. We are 12 and 14 years old, so maybe our time is getting shorter.

  12. Today we fondly recall all those fur-kids who crossed the bridge. Our hearts are heavy but we smile when we think of them. ღ

  13. hat is a lovely tribute to all of your pals. I have little wooden boxes on my night stand. The deceased Florida Scotties keep watch over me. I have a key chain with a name tag from all of the Scotties in my car. They keep me safe. I have pictures all over the house. It is just a shame that they are gone so quickly.

  14. Kismet nice to see all the faces. Lee went down memory lane looking at old photos and got so depressed she just couldn’t post.
    Sugar Billy

    • Lee shouldn’t get depressed. She should celebrate knowing those in the photos. Would you want her to spend her time remaining on this earth pining after you should you go? Wouldn’t you rather see Lee taking in another of your kind who needs a good home?

      • Since Lee has no one ~ family ~ her animals have been her life her family her love, Lee says she prays all the time we go together. Yep that is the best-case scenario.

  15. A perfect and beautiful tribute to those most special souls waiting for you at the bridge and still live in our hearts and memories.

  16. yes nothing funny today… too much tears… but tears for friends are ok, I think….

  17. I didn’t know Kyla had a pet! These are all such poignant stories of love and devotion. You are special peeps. For special anipals.

  18. All those great characters sharing your peeps’ life….always gone too soon. What a fantastic way to keep them in the house for instant memories.

  19. SHE went to the south coast for the weekend–guess who went to the kennels–and went through areas that had loads of parrots, rosellas, black cockatoos…didn’t see cockatiels, though…they’re in the west.

  20. Loved and missed indeed.
    Wally & Sammy

  21. They stay always in our hearts.

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