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The Chauffeuse

This morning was Kali’s annual shot and test day.  Nothing serious but the trip. Kyla used to love sitting on her throne in the Scottiemobile and surveying her realm. Kali likes the space where peeps put their feet. The trip started with Kali in the passengers foot area but apparently that wasn’t good enough. She […]


My Stu-shirt and Stu-hoodie arrived yesterday. There are problems-it’s waaaaaay too big and there are no wing holes in the back. Now that I tried to put it on, I can’t seem to get out of it.   Kali, get me out of this mess. SQUAAAAAAWK.

Silent Sunday

Epic Fail

It’s Taco Day 2016.  A look back… In 2012, it was Kyla and Kenzie. Unfortunately Kenzie’s liver gave out and he went to the bridge the next day. In 2013 it was Kaci and Kyla In 2014, Kali was with us and despite the fact we knew Kyla didn’t have much time left, it was […]