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We Lost a Family Member Yesterday

  Bandit’s peeps and Kali, Kismet, and my peeps are family. Bandit went to the bridge yesterday. I’m writing this post because I met Bandit but Kismet and Kali did not. Bandit was born May 20, 2001 and was a very cute doxie puppy I got to meet Bandit when Kyla and I accompanied the […]

It’s time to step up again.

When the Mayan calendar was ending a few years ago and the apocalypse was imminent, one savior protected us all Kyla said “to hell with my hair-do” and she put on a tinfoil hat. The world is still here. Unfortunately, Kyla isn’t with us-she forgot to keep wearing the hat. But there’s a new menace […]

The truth is out-Kali is a pervert

Why else would she wear one of my¬† underfeathers on her nose? She has a fetish.