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Help a Mother in Trouble

It’s that time of year again and I laid my first egg. I usually lay 3 in the spring. The egg will never hatch because it isn’t fertilized. You gotta spring me outta this cage so I can meet a male.  Mother’s Day is coming up so help a mom in need. I promise that […]

Different strokes for different folks

The weather is getting warmer in Arizona.  Different species of wildlife cope in different ways. Here’s a scene from our front window. You have to look carefully but there’s a lizard on a rock on the left (the tail is really visible) who is sunning him/her self and enjoying the weather. There’s a rabbit on […]

Another sign that we’re in the desert

Meet Josephine (as we call her)-the peeps drive by her to get anywhere: Isn’t she adorable? Look at those lips. Aren’t they kissable?   GOTCHA-I’m a bird and don’t know about lips.

Easter in the desert

Happy Easter from Kaci, Kali, the peeps and me with our Easter cactus.


In the Sonoran Desert, there’s a plant that is all over and this time of year turns the desert into a sea of yellow. How did this come about? Many of you remember Kenzie, the Westie (RIP, 2012). He’s also in our header next to Kyla (RIP 2014).  There was a bush in our back […]