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A better mousetrap

Every morning the peeps and pups take a stroll around the back yard. As the rag-tag crew went by the pepper tree they noticed something curious. It was a harmless (to peeps and pups) king snake. Seeing that the pups would get breakfast after returning to the house, it was breakfast time all over. The […]

Earth to Bunny

It was 118F 48C here yesterday. As usual, the wildlife has to cope, including this bunny who was after the flowers as the next meal I hate to clue you in, little fella, but those are plastic flowers.

Harness races

Welcome, sports fans. It’s time for harness racing. The field today has as its favorite, Kali and second favorite, Kaci It is now post time—–and they’re off! Uh oh. Kali spots a lizard and the lizard ran into the rosemary bush Kaci spots a rabbit The race is over and we have a  winner. It’s […]

How much is that Doggy in the Window?