I didn’t do “Trick or Treat”

I only did “Treat”.


And I got a lot of them-I have “the look” down pat.

About Kali

I'm a rescue Scottish Terrier mix in New River, Arizona

30 comments on “I didn’t do “Trick or Treat”

  1. You do have “the look!”

  2. Yep, you’ve got that treat-deserving look down pat!

  3. you have that look… the fabulous one the swedish guys from Roxette meant ;o)

  4. Adorable – you don’t need to trick or treat. What a cutie!

  5. It’s amazing what you can get when you just sit quietly and look. Keep the gaze.
    Sugar Billy

  6. Awww, and I linked you to Awww Mondays. What a treat indeed.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. ☺

  7. I would give you lots of treats, You are too cute.

  8. You DO have the look down. Tell your Mom we want to see more posts with great pictures like that. It makes us all smile. 🙂

  9. You definitely do have the “look” down pat. Want my 5 lb. bag of leftover treats? 😇

  10. Looks like that are hard to resist! xo

  11. THat is one sweet smile and precious gaze. Have a great week and thank you for sharing. HUGS

  12. That is one of the best head tilts ever. Bravo!

  13. Oh, yes you DO! And you are lookin’ mighty fine there Kali! did you just gets the SPA treatment??!
    Ruby ♥

  14. You certainly do. Good job


  15. Ha ha – oh my gosh you are very clever just to stick to the TREAT part of trick or treat and you are so very right that you have the look down pat!!
    Lots of licks, your good friend Morrie 🙂

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