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Happy New Year?????

Kaci and Kali got Frosty Paws to celebrate 2018. They got Frosty Paws. What did I get? Not even a frozen sunflower seed. I did get an answer to my complaint. “Cool it, Kistmet”. SQUAAAAAAAAAAAWK!

Merry Christmas

We got to open presents-finally. Here’s our haul. Kaci-new toy Kali-new toy All of us got something from Sweet William the Scot It’s a wine stopper. I’ll be 10 in April so I can’t use it for a few years but I certainly can look at it. Thank you, Sugar Billy. Kali thinks it looks […]

The best Advent Calendar-EVER

Look at what the peeps got. It’s an advent calendar where you open up a window every day From December first to Christmas Eve. Behind every window is a half liter can of German beer and they’re all different. Kali is waiting for her share. But there’s a problem. The peep said that there will […]