How much are those doggies in the window?

About Kismet

I'm a 16 year old Indian Ringneck parrot curmudgeon in New River, Arizona in the wild west country. If you're a sunflower seed, you're dinner.

28 comments on “How much are those doggies in the window?

  1. They are priceless, just like you.

  2. I imagine the answer is the same as I used to give about Lexi: 1 zillion dollars.

  3. Aww, I don’t think I could afford either one.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. ♥

  4. She was only joking. You are both priceless.

  5. Priceless!

  6. Our mom sez there iz no amount of money in the world that she wood take fer us. (Not shure if she feelz the same when we both git in the trash)
    Lady Shasta’n Miss Maizie

  7. Hmmm, in dollars or birdseed?

  8. Hmmm lets see……. the Earths weight in gold plus Sunflower seeds….hows that for a price?xx Speedy

  9. Why they are infinite impossible to measure or calculate. That’s why they worth so much.
    Sugar Billy

  10. Don’t think you can even begin to put a price tag on that window. 😍

    • Sure you can. The cleanup of the broken glass would be $20 and the new glass would be about $75 plus $100 labor. Oh, I forgot the government vigorish which here runs about 6%.

  11. For terrierist??! Wells….would you take layaway? Bitcoin? If it’s under 10 grand we can work somethings out….
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Ma says she is open to an even trade…. WHAT??!

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