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Only you can promote forest fires!

Smokey Bear is deaded.

Polly want a cracker?

SQUAAAAAAAWK! Hey Kismet, stop that incessant SQUAAAAAAAWKing. Why, Kali? You know I just had my teeth cleaned and had four pulled and I’m in pain. Kali, you’re just trying to be a bird with no teeth. Here, I’ll give you lessons. “Polly want a cracker”. Kismet, why do you bring that up?  You need bird […]

Wise up, peeps

We birds get blamed for a lot. Here’s a local example. We have a lot of oranges on our bush. They’ve been orange for a month.  We’re talking about a couple of hundred of them. The peeps went out to pick some for themselves. We birds got there first. The peeps blame woodpeckers who are […]